Content – food service sizes

Content – food service sizes

Sizes vary from 1 kg to 4 litre. Please refer to the tables below for available sizes for each product.

Pickles, Chutneys and Relishes

Product1 kg2.2 litre4 litre
Pickled Onionsxxx
Pickled Gherkinsxxx
Tomato Relishxxx
Balsamic Onion Relishxxx
Beetroot Relishx
Bread and Butter Picklexxx
Bell Pepper Relishx
Pickled Cornichonsxxx
Lime Chutneyxxx
Spicy Apricot Chutneyxxx
Sliced Gherkinsx


Product1 Litre
Balsamic Vinaigrettex
Date & Cider Vinaigrettex
Apple Cider Vinaigrettex

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